Sunday Lane Aries Women II Print

Sunday Lane Aries Women II Print

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Zodiacs II 297 x 210mm / A4, printed onto 215gsm white felt card.

the zodiac woman

Made for the empowered woman, inspired by you.

'She sets the sky on fire, like an eternal flash of lightning. She is a magnet. Her spirit has strength that can crush mountains.' - Sunday Lane. The Zodiac Woman Collection was born out of love. Inspired to encourage every woman to be made from fire. To be courageous, to know they are fearfully made, that they are the truest form of magic.

Staying true to natural curves and shapes, these words of affirmation organically transformed into an entire zodiac range following all the months of the year. The Zodiacs are a print collection about the star signs, filled with words of inspiration and encouragement. Some serious lady love.