Burn by Sunday Lane
Burn by Sunday Lane

Burn by Sunday Lane

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‘Her heart is wild, like she is, it cannot be tamed or caught. It does not break, it burns. Deeper. It will only set her free.’ - Sunday Lane, Bask


Narrative. 297 x 210mm / A4, printed onto 215gsm white felt card

The newest collection offers influences of immeasurable passion and gratitude, for life, for love, for having the freedom to explore this earth. No matter what the season of your life, this collection was born out of a place of love, just for you. Long paragraphs of powerful musings, dreamed up to offer an escape, to help you fall in love with being alive. 

'This life is brutal, brutal but beautiful. So I dare you to hold on. Until you are out of breath, until your legs are weak and your feet, raw. When you feel the weight of this world darling, I dare you to reach into the depths of your soul and hold on. Through all of it, I dare you to fight.' - Sunday Lane

Narrative introduces new designs as well as the return of a reworked Daughter of Light. And darling, they’re everything.