At Marho & Co. we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and looking after the people and the planet to our best ability. We believe it’s the small things we do everyday that make a real difference.

Some initiatives we’ve implemented in store are;

We have proper recycling bins and recycling systems in place in our stores and office including separate bins for hard plastic, glass, paper, soft plastic and general waste.
Recycled bin bags are used as a bin liner
We use paper bags for in store purchases
All soft plastics are correctly recycled.
We keep our stock quantities to a minimum when ordering for our store and work closely with our suppliers to invest in special pieces and not support mass production.
Natural cleaning products are used in store that aren’t so harsh on the environment and our water systems.

Lottie Hall

The Label Focus is to be Creative and Unique, yet Effortless and Wearable. Gone are the days of mass collections, the brand is giving you limited run carefully thought, tirelessly designed pieces. Each piece is seen as a little peice of "Wearable Art", Garments are hand made, slowly, in small quantities. All styles are sent plastic free via our e-boutique. 

The Bare Road 

We have been working with a group of workers in a small village in Bali, Indonesia for almost a decade now and have formed very close relationships, and consider them to be part of our extended family. Our pieces are hand dyed and hand printed - although we keep dying to a minimum and try to use woven fabrics cottons and linens. Our off-cuts and left over fabrics are donated to the workers to make traditional clothes for themselves and the local village as our initiative to reduce waste and up-cycle. We sea-freight the bulk of our shipment - which has a reduced carbon footprint than air-freight – we believe in doing our best in areas to reduce the impact we have.

TBR is dedicated to small scale production this helps eliminate the environmental impact and makes sure that none of our workers are overworked to meet deadlines. Each TBR item is designed in Australia and sourced and produced in Bali and China by using hand made techniques such as hand-dying and hand printing by a local village. We regularly visit the manufacturing team and know they are treated fairly and are paid over minimum wages and that all working conditions are fair and safe.

Fella Swim

This world of ours is complex, vast and inimitably beautiful - to experience it is the ultimate luxury. With privilege comes responsibility and FELLA is committed to conscious initiatives that minimise our environmental impact and ensure future fellas can also know this natural beauty.

We believe less is more and that a good thing never really ends. We are anti-excess in both production and principle. We preference small-runs and made-to-order where possible to avoid production waste. Our updated packaging features a combination of compostable and recycled materials.

We have partnered with Future Neutral to enable our customers to offset the associated carbon emissions of their purchase at checkout. Classic design and quality construction means swimwear that endures. Our reverence for quality sees us invest in durable, premium fabrics that are woven to see the FELLA woman through many seasons of long lunches and midnight swims. We are imperfect but always learning and ever evolving.

Friend of Audrey


Friend of Audrey was created in response to the negative impacts of mass consumption and realised there was a gap in the market – somewhere in between fast fashion and designer wear. As a believer of slow fashion, Friend of Audrey focuses on producing beautiful, quality pieces with integrity. Our curated collections are designed by a small team in Sydney, Australia. Being mindful of affordability, our products are reasonably priced alongside designer counterparts.

Ethical fashion is one of the important considerations at Friend of Audrey.

Our clothes are made by small factories, in small production lines around Shanghai, China. We do not mass produce. We are committed to quality. We visit our factories every year to ensure working conditions are safe and satisfactory. We are selective with the manufacturing partners which we choose; to ensure workers are paid a fair wage, with sick and annual leave entitlements.

We consciously order just the right quantity for our customers, to ensure that there is no waste. By purchasing our products, you can have a piece of mind that you are supporting these values.

Lullaby club

Our fabric is made to order, meaning we aren’t using bulk bolts of fabric that result in wastage and excess!

Any off-cuts of our fabric are repurposed into packaging within the factory.

Our individually addressed TLC cards are made from recyclable card stock.

Your packages are shipped in home compostable cornstarch mailer bags and wrapped in eco friendly packaging.

We are always striving for ways to streamline our processes and make our pieces affordable and wearable for seasons to come.

Fees and charges from billing organisations such as Paypal and Afterpay are absorbed by us.

What you receive from us is of the highest quality, chosen with intention and designed for all.

Rue Stiic

At Rue Stiic we work with factories that have a clear statement about their approach to sustainability and continuously strive for more sustainable solutions. Our company is committed to souring from certified suppliers and practicing sustainable process while we carry out working with small, family-owned factories in Bali, Indonesia to keep our artisan roots sustained in our brand.

Over 50% of fabrics are sustainably sourced, and we have a strong vision to develop this within the near future. we aim to fully and only use sustainably sourced material towards the end of 2020.

The Ayu

All ingredients are kind to the earth and beneficial to your being. Globally sourced and distilled using age-old methods with a selection of medicinal herbs and exotic florals that are soothing to touch and gently uplift with every inhale.

Cloth and Co.

Cloth & Co. is a contemporary lifestyle brand, founded with a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of the people who make our products with a focus on empowering women.

Care is at the heart of what we do. We care about the people, we care about the planet, we care about what the future holds and we also care about being passionate and active citizens.

We are committed to producing thoughtfully designed, affordable collections that have a positive impact, both social and environmental. It is our mission to do what we do with a sense of purpose.

We are passionate about making a difference and partner with women’s cooperatives, artisan communities and small ethical factories where people are treated with respect, working in dignified conditions and all stages in the production process are independently certified from farm to stitch.

Our products are timeless and designed to last. We believe one of the greatest impacts we can have is to ensure you can wear our pieces for years not weeks. We source the highest quality materials that are 100% natural, our cotton is sourced from organic and regenerative farms and all of our pieces are biodegradable so that in the end, it can be recycled, repurposed or decomposed.

One of our greatest loves is working at grass roots level with women’s cooperatives and seeing these women thrive and we love the handloom process and the extraordinary skills of our artisans. We are passionate about what we do and we want to share our stories from field to stitch and beyond.

Scented Drops

Everyone wants to do their part for the environment and recycle / re-use where possible. That's why we've come up with an initiative where you can return your empty Essential oil bottles to us and we will go through the process of sanitising and re-using them.

Purchase your shipping label and we'll send you an email with the label that you need to print and attach to your parcel for return to us. The bottles are can be packaged in the padded small bags or small box from the Post office depending on how many you have.

What are the terms?

The essential oil bottles that you return must have our Scented Drops label still affixed to it. We will only accept our bottles
The bottles should be rinsed out before sending back.
We ask that you return 4 or more at a time, that way we reduce the shipping costs for you

S-kin Studio

The team at S-kin Studio Jewelry have always believed in full transparency when it comes to sharing how we stay true to our commitment of producing sustainable and ethical jewellery. We hope that in giving you this insight you will discover and learn about how we work towards environmental protection and sustainability. Our team will undoubtedly continue to better our practices and improve our climate impact.

We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet. An organisation founded on the grounds that we have a responsibility to protect our planet, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and Blue Ribbon Flies founder Craig Mathews decided to start a global movement. S-kin Studio Jewelry contributes 1% of our gross sales per year to help fund high-impact non-profit organisations that work towards a more sustainable future.